oh. and here's something from david byrne.

CDs from the big five run the risk of damaging your computer, opening you up to security risks, and you can’t rip the music onto your iPod. Stop buying CDs now. At least until they guarantee us that they will never try this shit again

(click on the text. dudes.)

another moment, it seems, where the Joe Schmo is being taken advantage of. don't mind us. we're dumb consumers. we won't know any better. or do anything about it once we do find out. jerks.

i remember reading an article about this in the boise weekly eq brought down over thanksgiving weekend..



transplant said…
I remember reading an article in Vice Magazine where one of those bands - I think My Morning Jacket - was offering to send free burned copies of their CD out to fans who had bought the album and then couldn't put it into ITunes. Which was pretty funny. I bet the record companies were real happy about that.

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