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memories of cabin fever

.the red lady, gogol and mr. claypool.

cups and flute

lights and smiles

a message to a friend in the middle of the night..

saturday/sabado eleven/eleven

two tries.

hop on the bus!

just really quick.

because i should be doing something else.

...because 2006 is 22 years too late...

what's a hard goodbye?

los tres hombres

the return of morsa jones


where'd you get those peepers?

rio de noche

mantis vs. mini-man


mi cara

road trip

what's not to love?

what's the internet?

feliz cumpleanos a pedro!

my summer vacation. act one.

need help with a car? i'm your gal.

she's a monkey, she's a rat..

the accident.


la primavera

the most important thing in life

bucket o' blood

pdx times two


happy birthday to my dad.

un sofa