(taken by someone. else. allison, maybe? i don't know. i found it on a random disc full of photos. i'm in some of them. i'm not in some others. this one was taken months ago. last fall? maybe.)

no matter how much it doesn't work, i am committed to trying to convice the fowl to come over to me by making noises at them. i use a generic "quacking" sort of noise that i feel is applicable to all kinds of birds - ducks, geese, robins, pigeons, magpies etc etc. i realize that this probably isn't going to work, ever. but i try. man do i try.

i don't feel good. and i was visited last night by my dear old friend Insomnia. i haven't seen Insomnia like that for a pretty long time. i had to talk myself out of drawing a bath at about two thirty, using a sense of pride as an excuse not to. It would be Giving In to the Inability to Sleep if i did. it would be saying that i just can't sleep. it would be like i didn't Try Hard Enough. i do have to say that my front stoop is a nice place to sit in the middle of the night when i can't sleep. there are a lot of birds sleeping (do birds sleep? do they coo in their sleep? these birds were cooing, i think. maybe they were just relaxing. i don't know.) in the trees. it was calm and quiet and not too chilly.

i did my taxes today. well. mostly. i didn't file them yet, i have to track down some number from last year and then i can file electronically. woo! it was almost a Situation - i spent a good few hours searching for my W-2s from all of my jobs. i thought i was going to have to file an extension. to find them. i realized, in the search, that i have a lot of envelopes with things in them. letters, bills, credit card applications, etc etc etc. ack. i need to get rid of those, i think. everything but the letters. i will keep those. i like those.

anyhoo. i think i caught whatever it was my coffee boss had over the last two weeks. or the form of it that my fellow coffee employee had. because i feel run down (besides the lack of sleep due to insomnia?) and nauseous.

i would go into more detail, but i don't think that's right.

instead, i will share a photo i took in chile. it's the sunset. in chile. the crazy shapes in the foreground are wave breaker things on the beach.

but yeah. sunset in chile.


shavizzle said…
i took that photo ma'am. and it was when you, me, erin, allison and nick went on that walk by idlewild to take pictures. I really hope you start to feel better...soon. and that you can sleep again. happy easter. ha.
MorsaJones said…
i think it might've actually been allison.. since the cd had numerous pictures you weren't present for.. everyone has pictures of me by the lake!

transplant said…
Usually when I can't sleep. I get some snacks and start reading. Then it's like I MEANT not to go to sleep. Like I'm playing a trick on sleep. Reverse psychology or something. It doesn't really make me fall asleep faster, but at least I feel better.

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