un sofa

first of all, i have to say


(i think i did a good job of annoying the brohthur at work today. but heck, that's what little sisters are for!)

i went on a walk the other day, in my li'l neighborhood/industrial district. i took some photos. i went down to the nature observatory park place. i stuck my hand in the freezing cold water. i saw some broken things. i saw things i could not explain. i did not see any people or aliens. i saw a couch.

here's the couch. i like that this couch found some adventure. this couch said,
"f--- living rooms. i'm going OUTSIDE
." **

someone call a doctor? because nevada is broken?

i guess you put things on one end and roll them to the other. what fun!

looking over the shoulder. of a couch.

this bench? not so inviting. dark, mean, scary bench.

and well. it's all there. you just have to look for it.

**(sorry for the cursing. blame the couch. it's a rebel, i tell you. living without a cause.)


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