Yep. i turned twenty-five yesterday. i started to breath real air twenty-five years ago. i've been blinking that long too. and just basically existing. and as the big sis says, i'm in the cool part of my twenties now.

my pal Z made the cake. i appreciated it very much. in fact, i will probably appreciate some more of it in a minute. it's lemon, by the way. lemon and delicious. plus it had all of those glowy candles on it, y'know, typical of the birthday cake tradition.

uhm. i got my ears pierced. it was an enjoyable experience, overall. the guy who did it was entirely friendly and told me happy birthday and all of that. he also did a jig at one point. and smiled at me telling him i wanted to get my ears pierced for my birthday like i was a young thing. and you know what the big sis said about that? now they can tell yer a girl. (or something completely like that. which, i think, if i can remember, was one of the reasons why i got my ears pierced the first time? it is familiar.)


i also received nice gifts and things from my folks, my brother and friends. thank you.

twenty-five plus one day. and counting.


~Bungalow Bill~ said…

Do you have a snap of the fire?
Peter Glen said…
Wow...now I can call you old. Just plain old. And could you give me some cake?

Keep on movin, just a little slower now!

Cassie said…
Happy Birthday! Sounds like a nice day - any day with cake is a good one :).

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