i have a habit. of having amazing adventures, of going places, doing things. and then upon The Return and Arrival not being able to really say much about it.

how was belfast? good.
how was peru? good.

and it's not like i didn't have a good enough time to really say anything about it.. part of it is the fact that i don't want to seem pretentious.. i don't want to shove where i've been in people's faces.. and i don't want to have to force people to listen to my jumbled stories about silly little things that have happened to me.. but all of that is just self-conscious b.s., really.

upon that note. i have some things to tell you.

i went to portland. or as some of the more cool people call it - pdx. i met two of my favorite ladies there, a unification of bitties, so to speak. a cat ladies convention.

here's the standard:

(i like the darkness of this photo.. it's actually probably a li'l too dark.. but. i don't really care.)

the first afternoon, jen and i spent our time scouring the city for a coffee shop. we thought to ourselves, This is the Northwest! This is "Li'l Seattle"! Where the HELL is all of this supposed coffee everyone boasts? we had a great lunch at a small Parisian Cafe.. walked some more.. and then we come across this place:

i cringe and jen says aloud what's going through my head - we can't go there. look at the spelling, no, i'm sorry, we just can't. i refuse.

so in our search (which took the better part of an afternoon, i think, or at least it felt like it) we ended up finding a place with decent enough coffee and a couple of good seats near a big window..

we actually spent a good amount of time looking for coffee shops.. and a good amount of time drinking coffee.. our last cups in the city were, (as far as i'm concerned) the best.. although while we were sitting outside on a bench in the morning sunshine a guy pulls up in his s.u.v., parks right in front of us.. and about five or so minutes later his car alarm starts alarming.. (completely unprovoked, mind you. maybe a really loud car drove by or something..) he's nowhere to be found.. it keeps honking.. a lady walks by and nods her head in the noise's general direction and says to us - sorta ruins the ambience, doesn't it.. about ten or so minutes later the guy comes around the corner and looks at us as if we may've set the stupid thing off.. two girls with backpacks and two cups of coffee sharing a chocolate croissant.. very suspicious.. he apologizes to us and says that it's never happened before.. and says something about understanding how obnoxious it must've been.. i forgave him. kind of.

so we walked around a lot.. we ate some delicious meals.. (if anyone is ever in portland look up Mother's. it's a must.) we had some good beers..

but it was mostly nice being around those two ladies.. we had good conversations.. we laughed a whole lot.. within the first half hour of seeing jen i was laughing so hard i couldn't stop.. tears rolling down my face laughing.. other people staring at us laughing.. and i think i needed that..


Peppermint said…
There's nothing like it.....CHICKS RULE !!!!!!!

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