pdx times two

and there's more!

we spent a good amount of time cruising around danielle's ol' stomping grounds.. we spent two nights in her grandfather's old house.. and although i'd been to her small town before, i was given a more intimate look into where she grew up..

and since jen hadn't seen danielle in years, and this is the first time since The Engagement, there was oogling of engagement rings, talk about The Wedding, plans made for reception music.. a very very funny conversation in which jen was outraged to find out that michael jackson had been banned.. she'd toss out reo speedwagon to test the waters for a foreigner song.. offering up musical sacrifices to see if she could slide in tunes for her wedding reception playlist.. hilarity.. all the while eating bite after bite of the most disgusting wedding cake i've ever eaten - champagne flavored. (given to us by danielle's pa.. unfortunately.)

danielle is always good for a great conversation.. that's what i love about her.. she's got this wit and humor and insight and goofiness. wee!

plus she has this (because of her job) extensive accumulation of wine wisdom.. she laughs at it, calls it useless or silly but it's still impressive to see her handle a glass of wine and talk to other knowledgable people about it.. she's all fancy 'n shit when she does it.. we went into a winery in her hometown and while it took us three minutes to decide between two different places to sit (all of our tri-decisions are made very diplomatically with lots of "i don't care"s and "it doesn't matter to me"s.. much to the chagrin of people who're waiting on us to make these decisions.. for example - our waitress at this wine place) i had danielle show me some of the things fancy people look for in a glass of wine.. not that i'll ever really show that much discretion.. it's interesting to know what people are looking for.. especially coming from danielle who was explaining why these fancy people are doing this and why it's so silly.. but we had some good wine. and cheeses and other things. i ate one of those pepper things. (peppercinis? i don't know what they're called. but it was spicy.)

anyhoo. this probably concludes my pdx trip.

here are some more shoes and blossoms:


~Bungalow Bill~ said…
nice shoes

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