happy birthday to my dad.

happy birthday dad.

i tried to find a picture of my pa, but alas. i could not. so i decided to post a photo of a good day we had together a few summers ago..

on this particular day, my dad helped me change the brake pads on my car.. we went to the auto parts store, figured out what we needed to do and he watched over my shoulder as i did it.. it was an afternoon spent in the garage, an experience i had seen him share with my brother and sister.. it was a great day.. not only did i learn something about fixing my car, i got to do it with him..

it was awesome. and i got my hands dirty.


~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Your dad is cool.
MorsaJones said…
i know.
Peter Glen said…
Your dad is cooler than my dad, and that is pretty cool. Happy Birthday!
Cassie said…
Good for you for getting your hands dirty. I repotted a plant today and it was satisfying to play in the dirt.

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