lights and smiles

(more photos up at flickr.)

a shrubbery.

sort of.

a guy in my li'l apartment 'hood put up lights on the bushes outside of his abode for halloween. (pictured above) after halloween was over, he took them down and after a week or so, he put up his christmas decorations.

usually, in early november, when i see christmas decorations and/or hear christmas songs/advertisements, i grumble. too early!

"psh!" i say.

but when i saw my neighbor putting up his christmas decorations, adjusting his wreath and standing back with his arms crossed to see if it was perfect, it made me smile. it seemed like a pleasant activity he had himself wrapped up in. he wants to at one point during this busy afternoon, he had a friend standing with him, discussing the lights in the bushes. making sure. it's hard to be cynical about this guy putting up christmas decorations in early november when he seemed so genuine.

now everytime i pull up to the curb after dark, i smile.

that's. where you'll find me now.


quikbeam said…
Steph thinks the lights look like a dog from her house. I can kinda see it.
Sean Carter said…
Happy Thanksgiving!!! Christmas decorations would begin from this friday for me!! Meanwhile if you are looking out for some cool stuff you can jus peep into my Holiday Blog....

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