two tries.

**edit: please go and read my pa's glimpse into New Orleans a year after Katrina. if'n you want to know what it's like. there. hehe. from the perspective of someone who went a year before and is now there a year after.

so. i got my first roll of black & white film back. i don't have a scanner of my own, so i tried to use one of the university's. scanners are a foreign mechanism to me, i don't know how to use them, what settings to use, how i can do it better. so. until then, here are two of my tries. (the scanner makes the contrast look less.. contrasty.) they're also linked to my flickr account.

(during the wedding rehearsal. i wonder what's going through his mind.)

(this is one of a handful of photos i took of irene. she was getting rather tired of me putting my camera in her face.)

i only scanned the two, limited time and frustration with the machine. so there you go.


~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Both these are really nice photos. The atmosphere, or emotion in both is wonderful. I read a piece on Hag's illustraion work in a press piece the Langroise Trio brought me from your Alma Mater this weekend. Mr. Sam Smith asked about you, and said to give you his best. He was very happy to hear you are still pressing ahead.

(my scanner kicks my ass as well, I get either tiny out of focus washed out images, or HUGE images whose files size is so large it just plugs up the computer.)

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