saturday/sabado eleven/eleven

list of things (some events omitted) i did on eleven/eleven:
1. finished nick hornby's Long Way Down
2. ate the best cheeseburger in town at Big Ed's
3. watched Stranger than Fiction
4. laughed
5. practiced leonard cohen's song Hallelujah on the guitar
6. purchased a "pro" flickr account
7. spent two hours sorting through various photos on my computer
8. told eQ "congratulations" on her opening
9. unpacked two boxes of compact discs.
10. stressed/panicked about school work
11. goofed around with hazel

i liked stranger than fiction. i am a will ferrell fan, yes. but i am a will ferrell fan in the sense that i look forward to movies in which he shares more of his acting scope. he can do more than his snl or old school characters do, i think. and the movie was quirky, had some cool graphics (mostly in the first 'act', which was good.. i think they would've been too much had they continued for any longer than they did..) and showed much heart. plus it featured a handful of actors i adore.. (dustin hoffman, will ferrell, maggie gyllenhaal, emma thompson). it was thoughtful, funny, entertaining.. and it really made me want to bake cookies.

i also went and watched babel on friday.. i'd heard from my brother that people have said that it was just another alejandro inarritu/guillermo arriaga film. and i will concede that it shares some of the same themes and their storytelling is done in the same way - novellas or different storylines interspersed and not necessarily told in chronological order with some of the more important bits of information withheld from the audience.. but i wouldn't say if you've seen one of their films, you've seen them all.. i'd recommend it to any of my friends.

it was a rainy day today. as shavizzle and i sat in the window booth at big ed's giggling at any old thing, the sky darkened and more rain fell. it was a comfortable, rainy saturday.

and i broke down this evening and put down the bones for the pro flickr account and i'm already happy i did. i have many more photos i'd like to add - including what i took while in peru - but i thought i'd give it a rest for now.

here's one of the new additions:


here are a few things i've found whilst wandering around the internets:

I'm Not a Look-A-Like.

A Meditation on the Speed Limit.

Death by Caffeine.

and yes. that is where you'll find me now. except for the saturday part. because now it's sunday.


Reel Fanatic said…
I have to agree with you that that STF had the best Will Ferrell performance I've seen in many, many years ... I'm going to see Babel today, so I hope I like it as much as you did

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