hop on the bus!

looking through all of the photos on my computer, this one caught my eye. what a fun trip that was! how i wish to be out and about on some travelling adventure right this second! that is a photo of a bus in peru. from what i remember, the different colors will tell you which routes they run. handy, eh?

it's this whole School Thing.. as i've told many a folk, i'm feeling the weight of the last seven years on my shoulders.. with every paper i write, every project i have to do, every hour i spend doing research on something or other.. i think of how long i've been doing this..

[i have one redeeming course (classroom instruments) this semester, a class where i'm actually learning things i will use in my future classroom. woo! next week we'll actually be starting the recorder. hehe.]

it's stressing me out. i have to use every ounce of will to keep myself motivated. i have to push myself to complete my assignments, to stay up on my reading, to get something out of it. it's not easy. and it's annoying. but this particular semester will be over in less than a month (yikes) and then it will be much better. i am taking a class next semester on music in early childhood. (i like learning all kinds of things about music and kids. like how we're all born with an internal steady beat, our heart rate, and how it affects the tempo at which we create things musically as children.)

anyhoo. that's where you'll find me now. ball of stress. taking walks at night to clear the ol' noggin. breathing in cold wintery air, enjoying the whiffs of woodburning stoves, putting one foot after the other in an attempt to clear the butterflies out of my stomach. speaking of which, where did i put my coat....


~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Ah, the First Noble Truth.

Remember, you're my hero, and I Love You. -BB

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