a message to a friend in the middle of the night..

mr. "o",

at this moment, right now, as i write this, it is one o'clock in the morning. monday morning, as some would call it. (i would rather consider the day beginning when the sun rises. but that's just me.) the people upstairs have decided that Now Is A Good Time To Operate Heavy Machinery. something that sounds like cleaning their carpets. i'm not sure what exactly is making the sound that is vibrating my ceiling/walls, but i know it's f------g obnoxious. a machine of some sort. but from what i can gather, the "work" they're doing is not too difficult. it sounds like they're having fun. i can hear laughter.

but the thing that makes it obnoxious to li'l sara sims (that's me) is the whole "inability to fall asleep" thing. i'm trying to be understanding about their situation. maybe this is the only time they have to do whatever it is they're doing. it's perfectly plausible, in The Biggest Little City, that they have the complete opposite work/sleep schedule that many people would call "normal". in fact, i know a lady who is just starting a shift. she works the graveyard shift at The ******* ***** Pub, but she is suitable for an ok example of how some people are awake when i'm usually asleep.

so i'm weighing my options:
1. pound on the ceiling with a broom handle. (something i've seen done only on television and in movies, i think.)
2. get dressed. go upstairs and let them know, politely, that what they're doing is extremely loud and to think of me needing to start an eleven hour work day (not including the schoolwork that will fill the rest of tomorrow evening) in approximately five hours. as they continue to do whatever it is that they're doing.
3. sit in my bedroom and fume over what is happening, without actually taking any course of action. well. besides complaining about it.
4. send out emails, read and write until i am too tired to be bothered.

so. as i consider what would be best for everyone in this situation, i'm sending this snippet to you. i'm actually hoping that what they're doing is almost done and that i will find myself chuckling at how annoyed i've become at such a petty situation.

two other things i want to ask/tell you:
1. what kind of camera do you have? i'm looking into getting myself a digital beast (mine has passed on) but i just don't know what i should get. do you like yours? does it suit your needs?

2. mr. o's is actually my favorite bar here in town. a small dive where, up until a few months ago, i could get a considerable glass of maker's mark for four dollars. (they've since caught on to me and are now charging almost twice that. i blame the old codger that owns the place.) plus it takes me ten minutes to walk there. a duration i find is perfect for both the Going To and Coming From. the previously mentioned lady, who works at the ******* ***** Pub, used to work the graveyard shift at Mr. O's. she has a pit bull she used to bring into the bar. she would always put as many free songs on the jukebox as was necessary. she lost her job at Mr. O's by supposably, going to jail. word on the street is, it was for drugs. she likes the sound of breaking glass. she is a sweetheart.

i think that about wraps this one up. the last few minutes have been quiet and i think i heard the folks upstairs evacuate their apartment. i had a sneaking suspicion that all it was going to take was a little bit of waiting.

happy monday.


mikecpeck said…
The joys of apartment living. That I do not miss. Ear plugs? Or maybe an iPod?

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