mantis vs. mini-man

this is what i saw tonight. i saw a praying mantis pull the head off of a mini-burning man. while i thought the fighting would be more.. aggressive.. it was still cool to see. but when it gets down to it, i can see why these guys wouldn't want to risk breaking their neon puppets they'd intricately designed and wired up.

these puppets stand about twelve feet high. the men operating them wear them sort of like backpacks.

i didn't come away with any non-blurry photos - no tripod - but these are kinda neat as they are.

so that's where you'll find me. now.


transplant said…
How fast was the fighting? Slo-Mo Kung Fu?

The pictures look good as they are anyway!
~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Where did this take place? I think these are great.

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