(Jackstraw playing at the Battle Mountain Bluegrass Festival)

hullabaloo |ˌhələbəˈlu| |ˈhələbəˌlu|
noun [in sing. ] informal

a commotion; a fuss

ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: reduplication of hallo, hullo, etc.

weekend = hullabaloo

things i did this weekend:
1. drank whiskey for about nine hours
2. watched an old friend of mine get married
3. ran into an ex-boyfriend from way back when
4. danced so much in fancy shoes that my feet still hurt
5. congratulated an old enemy on having a good and happy life with her kid and husband
6. fell asleep during Superman Returns
7. saved another bridge from being burned (metaphorically)
8. was told i'm like a desert flower holding a tire iron
9. drove an hour with my dad to see Jackstraw play a set
10. took a nap


~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Yeah, me too. !!WoW!!
Did the pics of the natives turn out? I think we just had a weekend even Cactus Ed would have appreciated.
shavizzle said…
smoldering again. with jealousy.
transplant said…
9 hours of whiskey will turn any occasion into a hullabaloo!

And you are kinda like a desert flower holding a tire iron.



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