what's a hard goodbye?


i know folks have been awating a post about The Wedding i attended a few weekends ago.. i'm actually still waiting to have film developed (my first roll of black and white!) from the glorious occasion, and have been putting off writing anything until i have some accompanying photos..

but i will say that it was a beautiful ceremony.. a wedding with all of the comedic mishaps one could expect from The Bride and Groom.. including the temporary misplacement of the wedding license, very loud ducks quacking as The Bride walked up the aisle, an inebriated wedding crasher rolling around on the floor of the reception claiming to be The Next Picasso, just to name a few..

during the reception i walked up to the microphone, against my best judgment, and made a shaky speech about the newlyweds.. i was a nervous wreck with a nagging voice in the back of my head telling me i'd regret it if i didn't say anything.. plus i had to make up for missing petie peru's phone call - i felt terrible about that and felt like i needed to get up in front of a huge crowd of people, most of which i didn't know, and say what pete had told me to tell them on my voicemail.. i added that i loved the couple and wished them a life full of happiness and all of that cheesy goodness.. i also happened to mention i played The Messenger in their first break up.. i managed to spill any champagne i had in my glass and was left standing with a sticky, wet hand after it was all over and done with..

i had a great time.. the other women who made up The Bride's side of The Wedding Party (she'd refused to anoint a Maid Of Honour, claiming we were all her Maids of Honour - much to the chagrin of her father's girlfriend as well as the wedding planner.. there were many Captain Planet jokes about joining our powers together to become The Maid.. all while we getting yelled at for not paying attention to what we were supposed to be doing..) were all great fun.. it was nice to not only see some old friends, but make some new ones as well.. we all got along like old buddies..

it was great seeing everyone.. it's been too long (mike and cassie! bill and sarah!) and it was nice to have an occasion to get together for.. it was nice to stand out on the back porch at the reception with The Groom for a moment, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey.. it was nice to cut a rug with some of my favorite rug cutters...

and while i longed for a real map and didn't see everyone i wanted to see, it was a great trip and a great wedding..

fast forward two weekends and you would've found me doing this:

(that's me holding the microphone - photo courtesy of Z)

i spent all of last saturday helping shoot a movie trailer.. it was great fun, spending a day being a PA (production assistant) and helping out however i could.. (if you click on the photo, it will take you to Z's photo set of the day.. there are some amusing photos of me with a clipboard on there.. taking my job seriously..) i'll be sure to link to the trailer when it's done with "post".. (post-production for all of those who don't know..) we had five locations, six actors (one being the writer/director as well), and fifteen hours of work.. i even got to play an extra.. and slap a guy..

i thought it was a great way to spend a saturday..

and last but not least, here's a link to the music video created by the writer/director as well as the cinematographer (shown in the photo above).. they were helping a third guy with his schoolwork.. ended up with something that i enjoy watching again and again:

I Turn My Camera On


mikecpeck said…
far far too long.

And I thought your speech was the best one there. Quite touching.
quickbeam said…
My first link on "Where you'll find me now"

Cassie said…
I loved your speech! I much preferred it over speeches by people who said "I've only known these guys for 4 days blah blah...". I look forward to seeing your black and white pics if there's an easy way for you to post them (and if you were planning on it).

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