my summer vacation. act one.

(if you can't find me, check here first.)

i bought this chair for ten dollars at the thrift store at the end of my street. it was "double stamp" day last friday. i was driving by on my way home from work and saw this beautiful thing sitting out front and pulled over all quick like and Inquired Inside about the cost.

Just So Happened that i had a crispish ten dollar bill in my possession. match made in heaven, that bill and that thrift store, let me tell you what..

i put it in the back of my car (hatchback) and drove proudly home. i did three things when i got home.

1. put the chair out on the back porch. rocked a few times.
2. grabbed a book
3. cracked open a buzzsaw brown ale

this is a nice chair. i am a fan of nice chairs. i am also a fan of rocking wicker chairs like this one. reminds me of thunderstorms and familial bonds. co-cola and cicadas. (they were cicadas, right? snoos, do you remember that story in the highlights about cicadas?) very nice.

so i've created a nice summertime spot for myself, indeed.

and i am officially done with my semester - on monday i stood up in front of about three of my classmates and my professor and talked about kissing tchaikovsky's dead corpse. (it was relevant - the controversy surrounding ol' petie's death about whether or not he killed himself or died of cholera is disputed using letters his buddy shostakovich wrote that said that the funeral was open casket - and you can't have that with a body full of disease. too risky. you can't have people kissing a diseased corpse.) anyhoo. it went fine, the rest of my presentation. i felt more ready than i had anticipated and realized, as i was presenting the form and analysis of Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6 "Pathetique", that i really did understand the thing. funny how that works.

so. now my only battle is with the coming of The Insomnia. over the last week or so, it's been terrible. and i can't really relate it to the end of school. the real stress to my semester was up before The Insomnia. it's almost like the anxiety comes from the inability to sleep. i can't sleep because i'm worried i won't. so strange. i've tried most methods, excluding over the counter/prescription sleeping pills. (other herbal remedies like valerian root, chamomile, etc have proved ineffective.) it also might be related to the weird allergies i've suddenly developed. but i picked up some homeopathic drugs for that today, we'll see how that goes.

you do realize i can hear all of you chuckling at me. i'm not a hypochondriac. bastards.

so. that's where you'll find me now.

rocking it up.


Peppermint said…
How about a good work out??? That might help....Love Mom
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