so. i've moved. while i'm happy to only be moving once a year now (instead of the twice or so during my College Days) i can't say i wouldn't rather be settled into one place for a good long time. and i realize the Last Place I Inhabited was going to be that place for me, the one i stayed in until i moved away from this city, it just didn't happen.

but now. Now. These Days. i find myself living alone. i have my own li'l (one bedroom) place that suits me just fine. i actually love it. moving was a pain in the ass, of course, but the act of choosing exactly where I want everything to go makes up for it.

and i like my neighborhood. it's Big City and Small Town wrapped up into one small area. i have a tattoo shop just around the corner and an old tree-lined neighborhood around another. walking northerly for ten minutes gets me to the movie theater and ten minutes southerly leaves me at my favorite speakeasy.

i am not far from the big downtown of this biggest little city, but far enough to not be bothered by its downtown-ness.

i do not, however, have internet access (yet) at this new abode of mine. i am plant sitting for shavizzle and she's letting me do my internetting from her web portal. very nice of her indeed.

so pictures and postings to come sometime in the future. although i only have two weeks before i leave this place for Burning Man, i'm sure i can think of something to say between now and then.

so. that's where you'll find me now. yep.


shavizzle said…
this loveliest of spots just did get lovelier with the addition of you.

thanks for the plantsitting.

Bruce, Emelia, Ananda, Leu, Veruca, Simon, Ophelia, Abundance, Ruby and I thank you deeply from the bottom of our hearts (and roots).

Sweetie said…
I found your "this is... Morsa Jones" pin @ Burning Man & thought I'd look you up. This was my first yr. & I loved it! I assume you've been going for some time now?

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