memories of cabin fever

a few things:

1. it finally snowed here. it started as the vizz and i sat at big ed's eating a much needed saturday morning/afternoon after a friday night sort of lunch. i've been waiting for it to snow for quite some time, hoping to get a feeling of christmas in nevada before i hop on a plane to new york to visit the Big Sis. i am happy about this.

2. i have a handful of small things to do before i'm officially done with school for the semester. these past few weeks have been full of late nights. i can't remember a time when i did my assignments in plenty of time and didn't have the middle of the night moments where i curse myself for waiting until the last possible minute. in some crazy way, this process always works out for me. i just wish, sometimes, i didn't do it like that. i like sleeping. a lot.

3. i've been trying to get all of my old photos transferred from old computer to this one. or onto flickr. and i've been discovering some old gems. like this one:

this was taken after an evening of cabin-fever-induced nonsense. we (my interim/winter roomie and i) were getting a little tired of being inside. Z had come over to visit. him having a truck, us both having cars that were buried in the crazy amount of snow we had that winter.

over the course of the evening, we made nametags, i labelled numerous parts of my body according to my new, simplified anatomical plan.

you see. everything is either a leg, or it's not:

note the crook of my elbow:

(you know, normal things that people do when they're stuck inside.)

but it's funny to have one of those "snowstorm of 2005" stories. i've been secretly hoping for another winter like that. i'd feel better about driving around after the initial car-stuck-in-the-snow days now that i don't live up an enormous hill. it was a crazy winter and now i know what happens to my psyche when i'm inside for too long.

4. i am having the most difficult time coming up with a name for my soon-to-be new website. mr. mikecpeck has ever so kindly purchased a domain (BIG THANKS! yay!) for me and has offered to host it. or whatever it is. (i don't know that much about that stuff.) and while i'm constantly thinking about it, i am having the worst time deciding on something that's really and truly something i want. i am thinking too hard about this, i'm sure, but shit man. it's a tough decision. it will come to me soon, though. i can feel it.

well. that's where you'll find me now. head full of memories, a cold nose and a frustrated brain.


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