honey bakery

so. as i've said prior, i like to try new things.

this time i stopped into Honey Bakery, a (fairly) new Chinese bakery here in The BLC to check it out. my coffee counter jobs provide a wealth of information about various topics, one of them being Places To Eat. and while i don't always heed the advice of my coffee patrons, there are a few i have ventured into.

as i was pulling up to the front door, two different groups of two or three people were walking out of the place. i took this as a good sign, i didn't want this to be awkward. i was a little nervous about the whole thing, not knowing exactly/anything about what a Chinese bakery would have to offer.

i walked in and found a couple of friendly folks with a cute toddler eating a cookie waiting to help me. i told them straight away that i had no idea what i might want and that i had been given a great review about the place and thought i would stop in and try something. they smiled and the woman came around the counter to offer her advice pointing at different things, "this one is popular with Americans, these are savory and these are sweet, this one has curry chicken, this one is tuna, these are pineapple and pineapple coconut, this one has egg custard..." she was very sweet and not at all condescending or annoyed that she needed to give me advice. while she bagged my choices (curry chicken bun/egg custard bun) i looked around at all of the other items in the cases. it's not a huge place, about the size you'd expect for any bakery but they have a very wide variety of buns, rolls, cakes, cookies and other delectables. a few of the items caught my eye, one that looked like a sponge cake that was labeled "green tea" and single serving cups of tiramisu, in particular.

my buns were a dollar a piece (ha) and were soft and still a little warm to the touch. as i left the bakery, i was given advice on how to reheat them if i wasn't going to eat them today and was followed to the door by the shy little boy. i thought two dollars was an incredible price for what i got and i wouldn't have been insulted by a two or three dollar price tag for each. i got them home, took photos of them (of course) and tore into the chicken curry with gusto. the bun itself was incredibly soft and delicious, i suspect they're given a butter wash prior to baking. the chicken curry filling wasn't too spicy and it had other vegetables along with the chicken. yum. and i don't know exactly why i chose the egg custard bun, i am not a big fan of egg custard but wanted something sweet to offset the curry. it was good for being something i don't really like in other contexts. i enjoyed both immensely.

needless to say, i'd recommend the Honey Bakery to anyone. i would also recommend walking into someplace local and new and trying something different. and for two dollars, i'll be back for more buns.

my lunch before/after:

and a sideview:


~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Those buns look REAL GOOD, and after your story I can almost smell and taste them.

That's good advice about trying something new, and supporting your local businesses.

It's also insightful how you realized your notion about what you might experience, then opened up to it, and changed the whole interaction.
Cassie Peck said…
this post made me hungry! i will go try some new food place in the near future.

I would have loved to come over and see you in Reno when Mike did - too many family obligations. oh well. It's true what Mike said - your turn now :)

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