remember months ago when the skies were gray and scarves were necessary?

as i prepare for weeks living out on the alkali desert in the heat and sun, i keep the gray skies in my pocket. a reminder of how good things can be.

ha. no, not really. while at this moment, i wish for cold days. but i will enjoy the sunshine and extreme heat. i will appreciate the dust and be proud of my home in the high desert.

(i'm still not ready. i have 180 muffins and 180 scones to bake (to be frozen) in the next three days. i have things to wash and pack. things to buy and pack. things to buy and wash and pack. just things to do. weeee!)


stereo said…
seriously, that feeling plagues me every year.. the preparation anxiety. and somehow, i'm still planning, packing at the last minute and always forget something regardless.

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