something something summertime.

(just a summertime skateboard.)

man have i been busy.

and at the moment, i really only have enough attention span to type a tiny bit.

a tiny bit.

(does that joke translate?)

a few things about my life right now:
1. i'm really enjoying working at the cafe every day. although it has its shortcomings and things i can complain about, i really like doing the work. baking is making me happy right now and gives me a few hours of working meditation every day.

we are establishing quite the interesting group of regular folks, which i think is one of my favorite parts of working in that kind of a place. and unlike the coffee counters, their lives aren't filled with medical problems or family members with medical problems. kinda takes the pressure off, if you know what i mean.

2. that's about it. i have my usual burning man stuff that i'm working on when i get home, my other courier job that's been slow going the last few months, and harper. the cat who has found the bathroom sink and bathtub to be the coolest places he can sleep during the day.

3. i'm going to get back on the photography and the website updating. i'm getting used to my new life and schedule after the cafe opened and it's been a doozy of a thing to get used to.

so. that's where you'll find me now. stirring and whirring.


thanks sis!

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