where you'll find me now

yes. my new neighborhood (while covered in a large blanket of snow at the moment) is one of white fences and interesting houses. it's only a mile or so from where i was living eight months ago, but it's on the edge of an older reno 'hood and has a different atmosphere.

life has been strange as of late. after a few drafts of explanation, i feel like leaving it at that. i'm hoping to get back to the practice of putting things onto the the internet. i will try.


Moore said…
You should try to get back into the internet blogging scene. I dragged Cheb back into the game with what is turning out to be the most awesome blog-off in history. I want the blog-offing to continue, but we need to expand it for next year.

I'm sorry things have not been working the way you thought they should lately. But I sort of thrive on weird, so please don't hesitate to call if you need someone to bounce some weird-ass shit off of.

Also, my word verification word for posting this is "warchese." Which clearly means that your blog wants me to invent War Cheese. What your blog doesn't know is that I've been working on War Cheese for years, but no one can break the C4/Lactose wall.

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