the new year.

so here it is. 2011. i'm gladly using the start of the new year as a jumping off point. the time to start anew. the beginning of another revolution around the calendar year. a reason to do something.

most of my resolutions are plans that i have made for myself that include changing and growing and learning and resolving, but they are all like wishes - i'm afraid if i say them aloud, they won't come true. so i'm keeping them to myself for now.

i had big plans for this year, back when it was last year. i am already starting to wonder if they will happen the way i hoped they were going to, back then.

oh back then. you were only 12 days ago, but you seem so far away.

i wanted to give last year a mean, little pinch as i shoved it out the back door. i said good riddance several times under my breath as the new year started to stretch its new legs. but when i stop to think about it now, i can only put my finger on a few moments that i would rather forget than forgive.

there are several moments i am very proud of and find worthy of celebration. there are several others i am very proud of and find worthy of quiet reflection. i definitely moved forward, i definitely sat still, but i can't say i moved backwards. there really is only one way to go.

onward, ho!


shavizzle said…
you are so great and I'm so glad to get to be a part of your life. Also. I love you a whole bunch, just in case I don't say it enough.
Boogie-Expr3ss said…
that is a really dope pic by the way

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