goal: accomplished

before / after

that is what an accomplished goal looks like, right there. a few months ago, i lost track of the lovely recycling fairy and could never remember which week was mine. my neighbors were no help, seeing as some of them leave their yellow and green bins out all of the time with little to no trash in them. but upon receiving a sticker in the mail alerting me to which weeks were mine for the entire year, i gathered all of my appropriate items and put them out for the recycling fairies to take away. 

i wonder if the garbage men thought i had a raging party this weekend.

(the picture actually doesn't really do the recycling situation justice.)

this really felt good. i've had a lot of recycling to take out to the curb for a few months now, but i kept messing up which days were the pick up days. i received a sticker in the mail and now i'm back on track.

another post!


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