Don't Throw Away That Food!

                    (yes. that does say may 98.) Posted by Hello

so. i've been living at my parents' house. and every few days i go to pull something out of the fridge and there's always a chance that it might be expired.

i know that not all food goes bad on the date that it expires. i know that a lot of perfectly edible food gets wasted because of the expiration dates printed on the containers. i believe that most supermarkets and wal-marts throw out enough food to feed a few third-world countries. people throw away too much food. too many people take food for granted.

people don't think about where their food comes from. when i was going to college i was lucky to live in a highly agricultural community. my roommates and i would drive out to the local farmers' markets and get fruit and vegetables straight from the source. if i had gone down to the local wal-mart or albertson's i would be getting fruit and vegetables from places i've never seen. if you think about it, we would save a lot by buying food from our local growers. it takes less energy if we're not shipping this stuff around the world. (think of all the OIL we would save) and there's also the benefit of putting money back into the local economy. plus there's something very good about feeling connected to the place you live. you should know where your food comes from.

but. that's all beside the point really. this jar of pickles is from 1998. it's been opened. i'm not sure it's good anymore.


Mike said…
EEWWW! That's nasty. Great pics though... and I'm glad I found your little hang out. Consider me a frequent visitor :)
Cassie said…
Hey, I found your blog! Not really such an accomplishment, seeing as how Mike has a link to it on his blog. I read all of your old posts and I really enjoyed it. Blogs are a really neat way to keep track of what people we know are up to when everyone moves away. Keep it up!
Mas Kuwana said…
Courtesy of Mike's blog, I now know that you have a blog. About the dates on food, I just consider it a personal challenge to eat the stuff. They wouldn't put the dates on food, if they didn't really want us to think about whether it still might be good or not. Any way, hope all is well. MK

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