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well. i may've done it. i may have a place to live whilst furthering my education. a "charming" (small) place up the hill from the university. and it's only maybe because we're waiting to see if the chick i'm living with can cough up the cash to put down for the deposit/first month's rent by the time the landlady wants it. which is also a problem for myself. seeing that the day she wants us to throw the cash down is five days prior to when i get paid. lovely timing.

did i mention i have a job? i do. i "telecommute" every day. i do internet research. i surf the world wide web all day. i have this two columned table i put information in. i'm trying to make it sound as exciting as it is to perform. it's a job that requires dexterity (to move the mouse and use shortcut keys simultaenously) and an attention span. i make it interesting by, well, i don't. but it's a job i can do from the comfort of my own home. which is good. no fancy working clothes for me. i can wear the same thing every day and no one'll notice. except for the dog. he might.

but. looking for places to live is almost as fun as finding a job. easier, yes, but still as annoying. and it's much better when you're not alone, i've found. i'm living with a girl i've known since i moved to nevada. that was in 1990. fourteen years. a long frickin' time. i'm reluctant only because i wanted to live by myself, having done the dorm life thing and then the college roommate thing.. (which i've always been extremely lucky to have lived with loads of great people.) i wanted do Go Solo, as they say. but financially it's better to do it this way.. i'll be saving somewhere around two hundred buckaroos per month by having a roommate. most studio apartments i looked at were somewhere between four and five hundred dollars per month. which i understand is cheap compared to, say, brooklyn where my sister lives. she pays three times as much as what i'm going to pay. but. that's the price you pay for living in b-ville.

anyway. i'm sure this is about as exciting as it was for me to experience.. but finding places to live is something most of us folks go through.. i guess.. right?

but. that's where you'll find me now.


Anonymous said…
Hi there, I caught you name from another site where you were looking for a roomate. If your current situation doesn't work out send me an e-mail .

Good luck,

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