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i took the train to san francisco this weekend. left on friday morning, spent all day on the train.. it was great.. i love riding the train.. it's relaxing.. plus they have the observation car where you can sit and watch the scenery go by..

i ate at a vegan restaurant - Herbivore - on friday night.. my pal Frog is a strict vegan and since i'm.. well.. not...i offered to eat somewhere she would like. and so we went there. and i ate moussaka and we shared german chocolate cake and it was delicious. plus it came with a ginormous salad. it's a nice restaurant (a bit spendy, but it is vegan food. so it's sort of expected) and it was hard to choose between all of the different dishes on the menu. but the moussaka had eggplant in it and i love eggplant. i should really learn how to cook with it, but since i don't know how, i try and eat it whenever i get the chance to. so. there's my restaurant experience.

then we went to a bar in her neighborhood and sat at a window table and watched people. we kept seeing these people walking up the street with fake moustaches either attached to or drawn on their faces. all kinds of moustaches. it was awesome. we both decided that a Moustache Party was a good idea.. since it isn't too costumey.. but it's still a theme party.. and there were a lot of good 'staches.. they got pretty creative..

saturday i spent all day at the burning man office.. we went over The Way It Is and talked about new policies and old ones that needed to be reiterated.. that took somewhere around three hours.. and then i had a meeting about radios.. and then my box office folk and i (there were three of us) had a "meeting".. or what i like to call "the rest of the afternoon and on into the evening and near midnight spent talking mostly about relevant stuff but sometimes weaving in and out of stuff that doesn't really matter" it was good. we got a lot of stuff done. i'm excited to get out on the playa and started.

[i'm also nervous. sort of. i have a lot of new responsibilities. and i don't want to screw anything up. this is a big event. a big deal. there are a lot of people that attend. a lot of people have to pick up their tickets at will call. a lot is depending on me. plus we have to finish constructing the damn building before we open it. haha. oh well. i'm sure it'll all go just fine. it seems to do that every year. plus i have a good partner to co-manage the place. and i have some good folks working for me. and my boss is a good guy too. so there you go. surrounded.]

but. back to the story about my weekend. i went to a fundraiser with Frog after the meetings all day. i was kind of apprehensive about it since i was pretty tired from sitting around talking and writing shit down all day. but we went and had a great time. they played heaps of 80's music. it was in a building that was a porn studio. which makes for an interesting atmosphere. the biggest room was done up like a medieval dungeon complete with fake wooden stairs going up to nowhere. it had this funny 80's high school dance theme.. there was a girl Frog knew dressed up like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club.. she looked great.. and had the dancing down too.. everything was done by donation only and it looked like they were going to fare pretty well.. i'm interested to see what their camp does at the ol' burning man..

and then. then i rode the train home. and slept most of the way. and got funny looks when i got up to get off at my stop. looks like "you're getting off here? this is out in the middle of nowhere!"

it was good. so. that's where you'll find me now.


billy said…
i once wore a green mustache in grade school. i was a goofy kid. and it was st patty's day

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