breakin' two...

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i've broken down and purchased a new phone.. it's way fancy looking.. if you click on that photo you can watch demos of all kinds of functions.. plus it was free.. oh the special deals..

i'm one of those people who is pretty anti-cell phone.. i remember nodding in agreement when my sister called them The Plague.. they can be very obnoxious and annoying..

but.. i have excuses...

in this day and age, it's hard to get along without one.. especially if you move frequently or have a job that sometimes requires phone calls from The Field, like me.. pay phones are rare these days.. plus they cost a million dollars to use..

and then there's the benefit of free long distance.. and when you call your sister in brooklyn to tell her about how you drank a big ol' glass of soy beverage one day and the following day you grab the carton, open it and the smell of rotten soy hits you like a sock full of quarters (nyootch) and you almost vomit because of the stench and the thought that it couldn't have gone so completely sour in only 14 hours so the big ol' glass you'd drank so heartily the day before must've had a tinge of rotten.. well.. you don't want to have to pay up the nose for that, now do you?

i didn't think so..

plus the service i have now is no good.. it cuts me off in the middle of phone calls because i've magically started to roam.. it's lame.. so i'm doing away with it.. and i need a local phone number.. people frown at you when you tell them it's long distance.. i'd rather have a local number on my resume..

so there you go..

that's where you'll find me now.. getting brain cancer with the rest of 'em..

i can't wait to download my 50 cent ring tone.. in da club.. ahh yeah..


Mike said…
A cell phone? Who's blog is this? I'm shocked... just shocked.
NYJenn said…
Hey! I just bought that phone too! And I have T-Mobile, with the unlimited T-mobile to T-mobile calling. I really like it. I get reception in new york a lot more often than a lot of people. The ringtones that came with it crack me up though. So, since people always call me when Im trying to sleep or nap and I get really annoyed, I downloaded the Christina Aquilera song "You are Beautiful" so that I am at least flattered when they call.

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