sierra nevada college 35th annual commencement Posted by Hello

i spent my saturday morning in the breezy sun. i woke up early, drove up to lake tahoe and attended a graduation ceremony.. i sat next to my friend's little (half)sister and made her feel ok about getting bored and fidgety. i made her giggle by taking pictures of everything around us. i like this picture of her trying to open the bottle of bubbles her grandmother had given her and her little sister. in the bigger format you can see what the program says a little better.. (sometimes i wish hello would post better pictures. hrm.)

she showed me how she can bend her arms and wrists all crazy.. she's one of those double-jointed folks who can "jump rope" their own arms... i showed her how one of my pinkies bends all crazy at the top-most knuckle.. she whispered "i think this is going to take forever" and i waved my program really close to her face making her laugh.. it was fun..

i sunburned half of my face.. sitting in the morning sun, enjoying the warmth.. it was embarrassing later, once i couldn't wear my sunglasses appropriately anymore.. argh..

every time i drive up to the lake i wonder why i haven't made it up there more often.. as i descended into the lake valley a layer of fog covered up the lake making it look like a bowl full of cotton.. it drifted to the other side of the lake and sat and waited for the temperature to rise.. it was nice and sunny driving back up..

it was an interesting ceremony, though.. each graduate was announced by his/her department head and had a few things said about them.. this is what so-and-so plans to do.. this is what her "fun goal" is.. this is why i loved watching her grow up.. this made the ceremony last longer, but it made the small school seem really.. friendly..

later on i attended another graduation party, that of my roomate along with another dear friend.. i spent some time maintaining my balance walking along the nearby railroad tracks.. i watched proud families and friends come and go.. i drank a dr. pepper.. all in all, it was nice.. followed by a steak and a walk along the river.. pretty mellow and enjoyable saturday, if i must say so.. hehe..

from the looks of it, next saturday will be spent cleaning and doing some constructiony upkeep on the box office trailers for burning man.. the ball is already rolling, my friends.. and it's only may.


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