if you're living in a constant state of transition, does that mean that it's not really a transition at all?

i am still living sans internet at my new abode. i'm still living sans couch, tv, plates, and roommate.. i eat my meals (salads and sandwiches) either out of a bowl or straight off of the cutting board.. not having a tv is annoying mostly because i have netflixed dvds i have yet to watch. and it's a little too quiet at times..

but the place itself is lovely and very nice to come home to at the end of a day regardless of whether or not i can sit down comfortably in the living room..

so needless to say, i haven't been able to post any more peruvian pictures.. (i'm currently using the internet at my coffee job.. a busy friday afternoon..) and since i'm leaving for burning man in a short while (six days) i'm not sure i will for a while.. when the playa calls, i have to listen..

i will be pretty happy when i get completely 100% all settled in and back at school and have a regular schedule for a while..

for the time being, my middle name is erratic.



Anonymous said…
your new name should be In Transition. you could start insisting people call you that on the playa.. i bet they would too. "e"
We have way too much David Cross from Netflix at our house right now. And I like David Cross.

Also, everyone is in a state of transition. Except for turtles.


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