watch it. or i will shoot you in the circa 1960s dress.

bullet dress Posted by Picasa

this was hanging in the shop window a short bike ride away from my house.. the windows had a few small bullet holes in them. (bb guns? regular guns? i have no idea.) i chuckled at the thought that maybe someone just really didn't like this dress.

but that's because i'm a dork. yes.

i went on a bike ride today. it was super nice outside and i took my cameras and i only almost fell off once. the weather was perfect. the trees are all changing colors and there were loads of people outside.. walking dogs.. riding bikes.. washing cars..

beautiful sunday afternoon.

(which i needed. i spent approximately two/three hours plunging out a toilet. amn't sure what happened exactly, but it stopped working. not the first time something like this has happened since we moved in. i think it has problems. but thanks to these guys i discovered how to not overflow (turn off the water to the toilet! genius!) the stupid thing. again. because i had done that once. and water went everywhere. and although it wasn't as gross as it could've been, it was still unpleasant to have any water that made contact with the inside of the toilet bowl on my socks.)


shavizzle said…
am so glad you got to have a good sunday out. you know what's odd- despite the fact that I live in london- surrounded by trees, and mournful autumn just doesn't seem like fall yet. Am hoping this gets better. and remind me if we ever talk about an interesting toilet story I have myself.

oh and they were totally trying to shoot that dress. they were gansters, see.
~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Understanding the technology you have at hand can be very important. For example, study the way your hand held can opener works. Then you can use it more effectively. Take a flashlight and look down in the bowels of your garbage disposal, orr, open up the top of that toilet and work her a few times watching carefully what happens. Then when that emergency is upon you, you can handle it.

As an alternate, you can look things up on the internet and read about how they work..

Either way, congratulations, I'm so proud.....We may have to get you a tool box for your next birthday!
shavizzle said…
morsa, wooly left us a note on bungalow bill's blog about how to post new ones from flickr. I did mine just through blogger...from actually going to the blogger website. though I believe you can do it with hello and picasa together.
MorsaJones said…
i've spent a lot of time looking at the mechanics of toilets in the past.. it's one of those things that i know how it works.. i know that if something in there breaks, i can fix it.. hehe.. i love learning things like that.. which is why i enjoyed changing my brake pads so much.. hehe..

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