Utopia. As Such.

i'm terrible at telling stories about trips i've been on.. telling people about where i've been and what i've done always seemed slightly pretentious or obnoxious.. like i was rubbing it in their faces.. but.. that's mostly just me being silly, i think.. so. i was up north idaho 'bout two weeks ago. er. whenever that was.

hag and i spent a lot of time driving.. due to extenuating circumstances (hag being the one who was taking me to the airport to fly home.. a flight that was delayed a few days because of utopian desires.. er.. wanting to stay longer and hang out with friends i hadn't seen in years. seriously. Years. and of course all of my new friends. and newer friends..) we spent a good portion of our time in the car..

but i do have to say i enjoyed it thoroughly.. there's nothing like getting The Tour from one of my favorite and best tour guides ever.. he's the man who tells it the best.. plus who's a better tour guide than someone born and raised? i love ol' hagadone. i truly enjoyed all of the time we spent driving and talking and deciding to sacrifice our lives to the war against completely awful personalized license plates (this one read SEPT911 i believe.. or something close) but not actually having to because they didn't turn at the same junction as we did so hag didn't have to slam the car into theirs..

see.. look at him pointing.. showing me something very interesting indeed..

it was lovely.. i laughed and laughed and laughed.. i laughed with hag.. i laughed with danielle.. i laughed with chris and ben and jen and jenna and mike (thanks for lunch! hehe..) and everyone else.. i had a fabulous time..

spending time with danielle was (especially) nice.. i miss that woman something fierce.. i'm completely excited for the time (soon) when her and jen and i will reunite and wreak havoc with our trio..ness.. ha. i love her. she's awesome. oh. and i have a pair of her socks.

(and i think i left my toothpaste/spare toothbrush behind. thank god i didn't travel with my sonicare this time.)

and i enjoyed all of my time spent in Utopia.. it's a lovely place.. it rained nearly the whole time i was there, but it didn't take away from the charm of the small town next to a big lake.. i like the idea that you can walk nearly everywhere you need to go.. or longboard, as some choose.. (although i would personally choose a Skateboard over a Longboard.. that's neither here nor there.. er.. it's there, i guess.. and here.. anyway..)

i look forward to visiting again. and doing more distribution for The Reader. ha.


shavizzle said…
sounds like you had a really good time. I really like the picture of hag's hand. Thank you for telling me stories. Hope you're enjoying the new machine. Woo
Zach said…
Hot damn, lookit that view -- from the parking lot of a gas station no less. EVERYTHING in Sandpoint is better (made even better when Syms is in it).

(By the way, I was wondering whose toothbrush that was and where that crazy toothpaste came from. It tastes kind of weird).

(Also by the way, how did you take a picture of my hand when I didn't notice? I need to drive more attentively).

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