.the chocolates of our labor.


the five days devoted to the giving of thanks were just dandy.

dandy with candy!

my brother and sister did not join the family for this day. instead he flew over to hers and lando's apartment in that place far, far away. oh and shelby was there too.

eq made the drive from where she drives from on that day of the giving of thanks. we watched (and i became severely addicted to) fantasy island. we ate. we played scrabble. (i lost) we also played aggravation (lost again). this is an old childhood game. i actually didn't think we had all of the marbles for it. or something. i thought, as we were playing it, why haven't i played this game in ten years? and i remembered fights happening during this game. anger. or maybe we should call it aggravation. ha.

over the five days of celebrating the one day of the giving of thanks, my mom set up a candy factory. she had eq and i for the hard labor. my dad for the odd job supervision sort of labor. hehe. she worked too. melting chocolate. she dipped some and made some of the mess. it was fun. we froze most of them. in anticipation for the real holiday season. we also need to make more kinds. fudge and possibly chocolate covered cherries. that's a new addition. i guess it's really time consuming. but pretty easy. and almost a shame that we didn't actually end up making them. because eq and i braved a storm with lightning and hail and darkness. very scary.

i had a good five days full of fun.

hazel had fun too. her and sam might be friends. she licked his nose. he licked her. my dad said he's been smelling around for her everywhere. i think he misses her. hehe. he'll just have to wait for christmas. she had a good time. my ma let her crawl on the kitchen table. let her drink out of her coffee cup. let her (much to my chagrin) smell around in her ashtray. getting her li'l paws all ashy. my dad kept calling her "the rat" or "that rat", but i think maybe he got a little used to her. hehe.

anyway. it was good. i missed by siblings. but i'm sure they had fun. and they probably would've beat me at the games too. bastards.

and that's a picture of our candy we made. yum.


shavizzle said…
oh man do those look good. I really miss you and hope that when I get back we can make dinner together sometime. As I'm really enjoying this cooking thing. Is aggrivation at home with you now? I don't think i've ever played it.
~Bungalow Bill~ said…
I'm still smelling around, and haven't found her yet....oh, maybe you meant Sam was smelling around.....
~Bungalow Bill~ said…
By the way, the candy is excellent!


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