alley walking

i took an alley walk this evening. me and my camera(s) were feeling antsy after work so as the sun set in the biggest little city, i enjoyed the last bit of warmth (sandals!) and sunlight. i also filled my ears with songs from my music library i couldn't recognize by their titles, well, for the most part. there was more than one moment where i noticed the calm i felt, a calm that wasn't there before i left.

i'd say it was almost perfect.

and. here are some photos. i was on the lookout for photo opportunities for The Weekly Photo Contest. this week's theme is time. the window is my official entry. more at flickr.

antique store window:

sunset shadows:

alley exhibition excerpt:

abandoned place to sit:

and. that's where you'll find me now. in an alley somewhere taking pictures of stuff.


~Bungalow Bill~ said…
The window shot is a beauty. The bright line along the bottom gives it great depth. The colors and the mood are wonderful.

Alleys are wonderful places.

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