my birthday shirt.

so well. i've been busy. this is a photo eQ took of me in my birthday shirt and birthday hat. sorting through moustaches on the table, trying to find the right one.

for other birthday photos check here: Moustache Portraits and Moustache Candids. i had a great time on the ol' celebration day.. the only requirement was to wear a moustache. everyone could choose their own style and material and the hats just sort of happened. it was great, once they had these staches on, everyone got these personalities and acted goofy all night long.

anyhoo. i have an apartment to clean, some laundry to do and a few papers to write.

so. that's where you'll find me now.


Michael said…
Happy Birthday. Sounds like a fun celebration. Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves a lot.
Hop into my blog on birthday ecards for some beautiful e-greeting cards and other fun stuffs.
Zack Sheppard said…
I love that pic of you

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