pack rat

so i have this bad habit. when something on the ground catches my eye, something shiny or out of the ordinary, i pick it up and put it in my pocket. i am a pack rat. i have all kinds of little bits of things tucked into little jars and drawers and bags and pockets. i can't say most of what i pick up is in any way utilitarian, which is why i've decided to not do this anymore. it is not easy. i have to make conscious decisions about reaching down and putting something into my pocket.

(when i see an attractive something i have to tell myself "do not pick that up. you do not need to pick that up and put it in your pocket. please. don't.")

so i've established some helpful tips/guidelines for myself.
1. i can pick up things i may be able to use sometime or somehow. this includes paper clips, washers, safety pins, ballpoint pens, etc.
2. if i see something i want to really, really pick up i will just take a picture of it. (see above)
3. i can pick up and keep ball bearings.

so hopefully i will be able to lighten the load, so to speak. one little shiny object at a time.

that's. where you'll find me now. wahoo.


Zack Sheppard said…
Ive been thinking about this a lot lately with moving and all. I have been thinking, "Man I wish I didnt have all this shit!" All I need are my clothes, my camera, and my laptop. And maybe this chair. And thats all I need!
transplant said…
From the pic it looks like you didn't pick up one of my favorite small or shiny things to pick up. I cant pass by a lost wheel (the smaller the better) without wanting to pick it up. It helps that I live where I live, because I have seen dudes pee in public. So it makes it easier to imagine that everything on the ground has been peed on. Which is gross. Anyway. My other advice is that you start to glue them all together in a big ball or something. Then you have a "Found Art" object. Instead of a bunch of crap.

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