a three hour tour

and by three hour tour i meant two hour walk.

the weather was beautiful this afternoon. i grabbed a couple cameras (digital and polaroid - my nikon is still somewhere else, somewhere in idaho i assume) and took a walk. i accidentally tromped around the biggest little city an hour longer than i originally planned, messing up my dinner and schoolwork plans somewhat.

i have to say these eleven hour workdays are not easy to follow up with hours of school stuff. but it seems pretty easy to follow my workday with a two hour walk and one hundred and twenty-three photos taken.

the weather widget on my dashboard tells me it is going to be eighty-four degrees this weekend. that is something to look forward to. even if i have to spend saturday working on school stuff (i am getting very near the end of the semester) i reckon i will be doing so in a place i can enjoy all eighty-four of those degrees.

anyhoo. here are a couple of my current favourites from today:

the four windows.
four brick windows

the blue wall.


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