the world is on fire. or at least the mountainside. and a bunch of other places. every day somewhere new is aflame. it's a different spin on talking about the weather with the old people at the coffee counters. it is something to tune into the local news for, something to check up on, something to share.

yes indeed. and on somewhat of a whim, i made the appointment and got my hairs cut. this comes at a time when i think i need some change. as superficial and cosmetic as that seems, it was more of a symbolic act, a change of habitual patterns or something, i don't know. but. it feels good now. i like it. it is something different.

plus it gives me the excuse to take loads of pictures of myself. bonus! here are some.


Mike said…
wow. you're cute.
stereo said…
second one up from bottom = my favorite.
transplant said…
Nice Hair Cut Sis! Wchooooo-psssssssshhhhh!
shavizzle said…
This is rad-tastic.

the last one is my favorite.

it's crazy that I haven't seen you yet.


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