hot hot heat.

it is summertime and "hot" doesn't really describe the shock of stepping out of air conditioned buildings. our temperatures are compared to those of las vegas and while the south wins this time, i can still find enough in our own triple digits to declare my fourteen dollar fan "This Season's Best Investment".

the security guard jokes with the people coming to and from appointments about how cold it is outside. he asks people why they don't have jackets. they mostly smirk, some take this opportunity to complain about the heat while others share gossip about how hot it is going to get tomorrow and next week. everyone is happy to share their forecasts, especially if their temperature is more extreme than everyone else's.

i drive around all day using my air conditioner in my car sparingly. for the environment, for speed, for my bank account, i sweat. i always find it difficult to feel completely comfortable in the air conditioned environment of my car. for whatever reason, it doesn't ever get cold enough. or something like that. so i drink huge jugs of water and sweat. which can get embarrassing, but then i think to myself - everyone else is sweating. why do i take it so personally? it is one hundred and nine degrees outside, of course i'm going to sweat. who wouldn't? at least a little? it didn't help that i took a rather large pull off of a large jug of water and bumped the bottom on the steering wheel waiting for the light to turn green. i did this trying to put the lid back on. sloshing the water on my face and all down my frontside. of course i did the quick look to see if anyone in any of the cars surrounding me noticed, but no one seemed to. (almost disappointing in itself. i sometimes like to share my embarrassment to make me laugh it off a little easier.)

sunshine on my shoulders does make me happy. but it also makes me tired and sweaty. i think it might be time for another cold shower. that's where you'll find me now.

for now. here's something funny. please note the misspelling.


Mike said…
My truck.. with a big V8, has a setting called Max AC. You should look into it :) It gets quite chilly.
~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Well, at least it's a dry heat.

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