where she lives

i'm still plowing through the photos i took whilst in new york visiting the big sister. if'n you want to see what i took photos of on our statue of liberty/ellis island day, i have a flickr photoset HERE. (that photoset is available to those without flickr as well! if any of those people still exist. ha.)

my big sis's neighborhood reminds me of some belfast neighborhoods.. it's always nice to walk the dog around, like to the dog park and back.

this is down the street from her apartment:

as is this:

big yards aren't really a priorty (or possible):

i was there the second week in january and there were plenty of christmas trees out on the curb.. i liked this scene, with the matching leftover christmas decorations and curbed christmas trees..

this is the stairwell in big sis's apartment building:

this is what you see directly to the left when you step inside. the dog was getting dried off. notice the awesome pipe cleaner lampshade:

the big sis dries out her wishbones:

i like the place where she lives.. her apartment feels like her home and her neighborhood has plenty of quirks and characters..

that's where you'll find her now.


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