please welcome harper. she is my newest friend. she is somewhere around 10 weeks old and i love her. she's kinda crazy but she's cute when she's sleeping and it took me a long, long time to come up with her name. i'm still nervous it won't catch on, but i think it's better than just calling her "kitten".

it's been some time since hazel (may she rest in peace) was stealing things from me, and i was beginning to really feel like i needed another li'l friend. so i graduated up to Cat from Rat.

she's neat. she purrs really loudly.


Mike said…
kittens are fun! and harper looks cute.. if not a little evil. just how cats are supposed to be! I look forward to hear about your antics w/ harper and visa-versa.
stereo said…
is that foreshortening in the photo or are her paws giant? i hope she doesn't grow into them like damien did. i think he's still growing, in fact.
transplant said…
I guess I shoulda checked yer blog before I called. Anyway. Congrats. I think you picked out a good one. If I got a cat I would get an orange or all black one.

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