dusty shmusty

every year i go to burning man, i live in a tent. (except that one year i borrowed a truck with one of those truck bed camper deals, which was completely awesome.) and almost every year i've shared a tent with another person, seeing as i've never owned my own and friends have always been gracious with their space and once you've done it for five years, what's six or seven?

the majority of these years were spent in the same two-man tent. the zippers and some of the other features of this li'l "home away from home" broke last year and the year prior. this was the year of living in a structure. my british pal - known out there as British Hussy - and i spent all year dreaming of a little "cottage". the only thing we wanted was a floor, four walls and a roof over our heads. we didn't even bring the old tent out to the desert this year, hoping that our boss had lived up to his word that he'd find a better place for us to lay our heads.

when we arrived, we headed over to his camp to find an enormous stack of canvas. rolls and bags of huge poles and slabs of canvas were loaded into the back of a truck. once we got it unloaded and unrolled and surveyed the contents, we were excited. then we were intimidated. we needed help to set it up. lots of help.

we joked about painting M*A*S*H on the side, or some sort of iraqi something or other.

here it is during a mild dust storm (it's sorta full of air in this photo, and you'll notice the background being washed out and gray/white. that's because of the dust.) the cot in the foreground was added to the mix after a week or so of sleeping on my sleeping mat.

the only thing it didn't really keep out was the dust. coming home from a graveyard shift, we found a lot of dust. A. LOT. OF. DUST. it was more dust than i've seen after a dust storm in all of my years at burning man. it was like it sucked it in and kept it there.

here's a photo of the dark floor cloth, my turquoise/black sleeping mat and other dusty items:

this was a ziploc bag i had t-shirts inside of. thank god.

maybe next year we'll have something big AND dust-proof.


revolutionary45 said…
That first picture looks a little like it is wet and muddy, but it is quite the opposite...

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