the ocean

whilst in san francisco last weekend, after going to check out the frida kahlo exhibit at the MOMA there (a definite should see if the possibility is there - it leaves at the end of september) and grabbing a bite to eat in one of several, it seems, El Farolito Taquerias in The Mission, my pals and i went to the ocean.

(that was a messed up sentence. oops.)

my saturday:
1. frida kahlo @ sf moma
2. burritos @ el farolito taqueria
3. @ ocean

it was a beauty of a weekend. much fun was had. a great couple of hours were spent in the museum looking at paintings by and old photographs of frida kahlo (the exhibition itself is a whole 'nother post topic of its own. yeesh.) the evening before was spent playing all kinds of games ending at six in the morning. i got to ride on the back of a motorcycle - yippee! i went and saw the ocean.

i got some more valuable and precious time with friends i only see once a year and some i see a few times a year and another i see once every few days. these friendships mean the world to me, and after having only spent two weeks working with them in the desert, a short weekend relaxing was absolutely necessary. i love these people and to only see them sporadically and annually is not easy. a few extra days of great conversation and funny jokes, well, it helps make the rest of the year go by more quickly.

(although i must say we are all getting more and more fixated on the idea of getting together more often. if it's possible, why not?)

so i'm thankful. i'm thankful i was able to watch this beautiful sunset with some beautiful people.

that's where you would've found me then if you were looking last weekend.


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Nice Pic Sis!

Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend, that's for sure. I bet your happy to be back in the company of Harper at least.

Also my last post had like seventy billion exclamation points in it by accident. So I had to delete it.
stereo said…
for once i didn't have to look for you. that was a nice sunset, wasn't it? add to that soaking wet pant legs and sand in our shoes.
Mandy said…
I miss you all so.

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