back on the ranch.

there were several horses, but this gal here was the most friendly towards me. she didn't run to the other side of the pen when i started to take pictures. i had more of a problem with her trying to eat my camera.

we went out to this ranch (i forget the name. pa? i know you'll know) as a part of a workshop for Shooting the West. we were greeted by a super friendly couple, both dressed to the nines in their cowboy gear. They gave us free rein (ha) on their property and i tried to capture something other than the classic horse/cowboy/western photos i felt a lot of the other workshoppers might be trying for.

so i ended up with photos of slightly abstract horses and goats, rusty bicycles and the backs of folks' heads.

here is a glimpse into the couple who let us invade their home:

other captures:


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