apartamento de soosin

i think all of the hours spent watching those interior decorating shows did my sister well. her apartment is cozy and really feels like hers. when i was there, i snapped a few photos of her living room to keep as reminders, i guess, of what you can do with a little space to make it feel more comfortable. i don't know, i just really like it. and of course, i know how the parents like to see how she's doing all of the way over on the other coast.

(living room window)

(this is above her couch. hanging from the ceiling is the lamp with the lampshade made out of strips of cloth. these are her drawings in homemade frames. another thing i like about her place is her artwork is displayed prominently. these line drawings are pretty sweet.)

(for those of you who don't know, these are munnies. they are blank when purchased and the idea is to draw/paint/whatever to them to make them your own. the mask on the left one is made out of some kind of foam/clay/something. i forget. they sit on top of a tall bookshelf.)

(the desk worth more than she paid for it. which, i think, was nothing. this is the wall facing the window in the first picture.)

so them're just a few snapshots of what her apartment looks like. well, at least the living room. kind of. it's a small, uncluttered (something i need to learn how to accomplish) little place that i enjoyed staying in whilst i was there.

i hope she doesn't mind the glimpse into her abode. hehe.


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