serenity.. (photo 'contest')

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oh nevada sunsets..

going back to the muc usually guarantees a good sunset or two.. there's something about the desert that creates enormous beautiful sunsets almost daily.. i usually manage to leave town heading southwest at the right time to watch the sunset over the mountains.. i've actually taken to stopping at a random deserted exit along the way to stand and appreciate it for a moment..

funny, though.. this time i stopped.. took some photos.. stood and awed and all of that.. hopped back in the ol' coche and started back on my way.. i got a phone call from my pa - in receiving a call from my dad i knew it must be something i didn't want to hear - asking where i was on the road.. he proceeded to tell me i had left all of my t-shirts on my old bed.. (which means i'd left my whole wardrobe, pretty much.. hehe..) he was going to get in his truck and meet me twenty-five or so miles outside of the muc.. which meant i had to proceed to the next exit and turn around and go back.. pick up the stuff i'd left..

when i told my brother this story this morning he said.. "it's always something with you..."

so true.

(oh. and. here are the others. mike's wins adorable points. lucky for him he's got a good subject. hehe.)


shavizzle said…
that's very nice. Is this photo contest something you guys set up yourself and is it weekly or montly or randomly. It sounds like tons of fun. And Man O Man do I miss the muc. Glad you got to have a nice visit. I'm still very interested in hearing more about your trip. So yes. I'm just greedy.

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