in need of new tubes or: what to get me for an early birthday present

so. both of my tires are flat. much to my dismay. i was riding home from work this afternoon - i have class at four so i leave a little earlier than thursdays - and hit a hard lip of a curb, trying to cut through a parking lot, and did what my boss calls "pinched flat" both of my stupid tires. i ppfbbbted to a stop and surveyed the damage. then i looked at the time. i sighed. i glared into the sun (it was a beautiful afternoon, actually) and unzipped my hooded sweatshirt. i looked at the time again. then i made a few phone calls. first one went unanswered and the second got me a ride home. i didn't have very long before class.

and i didn't make it. shavizzle dropped me off and i didn't have enough time to get my shit together and make it on time. stupid tires.

but. i did find my apple. actually. i hadn't really noticed it was gone. until i looked under my chest of drawers to see what hazel was doing. that there is a stolen apple, my friends. i wish i could've seen her drag that thing across the floor. i did throw it away, though. i don't think it was going to last under there. hazel was kind of disappointed the next time she ran under there. of course she does have other odd bits of paper and random stolen treasures.

that's tuesday for me.


~Bungalow Bill~ said…
Ppfbbbted to a stop. I like that.

I've never heard of someone losing both tubes, or even getting two flats, in a single incident like this. WOW.

Did you have goop in the tubes? Green slimly stuff, to seal and prevent leaks.
It look like Hazel was enjoying that apple for quite a while! She must have been mad!

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