Nobody Gets Booed Down Here

go there. read that article. an interview with a pal of mine from burning man. he spends his "summers" in antarctica.. that article up there is about his job and what he does and what it's like down there.. pretty interesting stuff..

at one point in the middle of the night, during the most hellish graveyard shift at the box office - lines of hundreds of people very far out into the parking lot - he tickled me until i almost peed my pants. while i can't say i like being tickled for so long i almost pee my pants, i have to say it did break the monotony.

there was also another moment on a night before the event actually started...i was wandering around on a cold night and heard this beautiful, eerie banjo pickin'. as i got closer i realized it was Toof (aka Sean Corkery aka Toofless Sean) sitting up against the open trunk of his car, drinking a beer and playing the banjo.. it was just what i needed at that moment on that cold night.. a beer and some banjo..

i have some awesome friends. i am constantly reminded of this. when they're interviewed by pitchfork media, when they're invited to join in an interactive music/art exhibition with doug martsch (frontman for built to spill) and their art is featured on the front page for the gallery, when they're doing their most to help people

especially when i receive thoughtful, fun and useful (!) packages in the mail. i was blessed this weekend with the gift of measuring cups from mr. mike peck. i was pleasantly surprised by this present from my pal Up North.. if i had a functioning digital camera, i'd feature a photo of them. (although rumor has it i will have my hands on one soon enough. another feature of awesome friends.) and they're lovely. all sizes! i don't have to measure the sugar by guessing! i'm going to be testing the safety of shipping baked goods via the postal service soon. two thumbs up for getting things in the mail.

also. two thumbs up for having awesome friends who do cool things!


Mike said…
I'm glad they arrived. Did you enjoy the packing job? Gotta love the Coldwater Creek packing boxes and supplies :)

Enjoy your baking good friend.. and may your measuring cup be always overflowing... ya.. that was a little cheesy.

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