Turn On Your Oven Day

otherwise known as: a distasteful reference to the anniversary of Sylvia Plath's suicide (2.11.63). i happened upon this fact on the internet today and have managed to use my oven more than once in remembrance. or. in coincidence.

the first time i turned it on, my oven being the kind that's, well, old and needs to be lit with a match, i had this moment of overwhelming gas face. (ha! anyone who gets that reference deserves an automatic super high five.) like i had inhaled a little bit of it. i worried for a second, but then decided my sense of smell is so weird due to The Sickness, that it was nothing.

and then i made banana bread. delicious banana bread with marionberries, raspberries and blueberries. and because i didn't really leave the house today and have nothing really that interesting to talk about, i'll add that i didn't put chocolate in this loaf (as i normally do) because i haven't replenished my chocolate-for-baking supply.

AND i'm starting to make a list of all of the kitchen items i either never owned and "need" or owned but have lost to different moves and roommates. i apparently do not own a full set of measuring cups or measuring spoons. i have a mix of three different sets, none of which includes a 3/4 cup or 1/2 tablespoon. this is annoying when trying to bake anything. (especially when i saw an episode of martha stewart: living the other day and she called baking An Exact Science. my baking is nowhere near an exact science with my current tools. psh.) but i make do. i actually make damn tasty, is what i make.

in other exciting shut in news, hazel slept all day. most of the time curled up in my afghan on the couch. too cute. i wondered today what my human/rat relationship would've been like had i chosen differently amongst the twenty or so rats in the rat aquarium. how much of hazel's personality is environmental? nature vs. nurture. hm. i love her. and i wouldn't have her any other way. she is crazy and makes me laugh all of the time. woo!

and now. i must go. i am feeling better, i will be working tomorrow and well. my life is just that exciting.


Peter Glen said…
When does banana bread become fruit bread? It sounds like the mixture of berries (if these were indeed true berries...the name is known to be thrown around) may have trumped the banananess of the bread? Hmmmmmm...maybe if you send me a piece I will be able to judge? I don't know if that is more of a question or request, but in honor of the famous Sims question mark, I added it. Hey...what ever happened to the Trappist Mon. idea?

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